Baked Mont d’Or

This baked Mont d’Or is a recipe inspired by my very good friends at the Chester Cheese Shop. Carole has been running the shop for over 30 years now, and Annie – her daughter- has been involved in the family business since she was little.


Their love for cheese and their knowledge is huge. For me, spending time with them both was a revelation. It is fascinating to find out about the cheese makers’ stories, about farmers’ commitment to quality and constant improvement, about running a cheese shop and caring about those cheeses in the same way their makers do.


The story of the Mont d”Or is intriguing. This cheese is only available in the Autumn-Winter, making it ideal for Christmas. It is very sought-after, due not only to its flavour, but to its exclusive seasonality.


This recipe is a family affair. You bake the cheese and gather around it with bread sticks and spoons, to enjoy over a glass of wine, only with family and friends.


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