My website is now here: new website for Irina Georgescu 

I’m Irina, a food writer born and bred in Romania, who has been living in the UK for the last 10 years. I am fascinated by the flavours and textures of Romanian cuisine and I am excited to write and share its secrets with the world. 

I feel very strongly about exploring the world through food, understanding people through what they eat, and putting things in the context of history.

My dream is to build a life around food, discovering new flavours and changing perceptions with the help of recipes, photography and travel stories.

The recipes are my own, inspired by my mother, my family and Romania’s culinary heritage. 

Please visit my new website:

Carpathia – Food from the heart of Romania, cookery book

With recipes close to my heart, stories of my childhood, tales of Romanian traditions, this book is meant to introduce the reader to Romania’s unique, bold and delicious cuisine. See it here: Carpathia.

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