Promoting Romania

Promoting Romania

In my journey to promote Romanian food, I soon realised that there is so much more that I can promote, such as a beautiful country and its very talented people. 

One of these people, and not just any of them, is Radu Nita. Radu loves photography, and in his free time, travels the length and breath of Romania to capture its beauty. He has met so many other photographers who dedicate their artistic endeavours to the beauty of our country, that he has decided to start a series of accounts on Instagram, where he can post all this work, including his.

In an interview with Bucharest Lounge (see here), Radu says that he is trying ‘…to promote only the artistic photography about Romania, breathtaking landscapes with a strong visual impact, frames that make you want to see those places time and time again. At the same time, most users who view my pics are Romanians who live abroad, and they are very keen on checking on images from their homeland, photos that present what their home country has to offer.’

I am one of these people who live abroad, and marvels at the beauty of Romania. And misses it. The photo on my homepage, for instance, was kindly supplied by Radu, and it was taken in Moeciul-de-sus, Brasov, Romania.

If you would like to see why we are so proud of Romania, and why so many people bond over these images, please see Radu’s accounts on Instagram