White pizza

I made this pizza for Pizza Day in February, and the only thing that is traditionally Romanian is the topping. We love white cheese with dill. It’s something that we put in pies or in the filled flat doughnuts (that we deep fry), or sprinkle over radish salads. It’s just a classic match.


Romanian cheese is not exactly famous. Most of the white cheese we make is a mix between a British Wensleydale and halloumi, which actually makes it ideal for grating, crumbling or melting. It is usually made of cow and sheep’s milk, and sold in big white slabs, that we keep in the fridge in a bit of whey (to prevent it from drying)


Two other type of cheese are quite popular:


Cascaval – similar to the Italian caciocavallo cheese, or to gouda. It’s a semi-hard alpine cheese that is best used smoked in a lot of traditional Romanian dishes. It goes extremely well with polenta, turning into a luscious fondue, and making the polenta creamy and gooey.


Burduf – this is a salted mozzarella type cheese, mixed to achieve a spreadable texture, potted and matured in pine bark, which gives it a mild pine resin flavour.


On this pizza, I use the British Lancashire cheese…and loads of dill.




Pizza dough – follow the bread making technique here (omitting the potatoes)

200g Lancashire cheese

1 bunch of dill, roughly chopped

4 radishes, thinly sliced

1 tbsp creme fraiche.




Heat the oven to 240C.


When I make pizza, I like to stretch the dough directly on the pizza tray, using my fingers, and slowly pushing the dough towards the edges. Spread the tablespoon of creme fraiche on top, put the cheese and radishes, and bake for 15 minutes.


Take out of the pizza, and sprinkle the finely chopped dill. Eat immediately.