‘Portraits from London’ Project

Photography: Ion Paciu, PhotoIon


Portraits from London, click here 


I’ve come across the ‘Portraits from London’ project by accident, I was just browsing the internet looking for food photography blog articles. I’ve stumbled upon Ion Paciu’s website, PhotoIon, where he runs photography workshops in London. He does many other wonderful things, too, but this is how I’ve come to read about the Portraits from London project.


I must admit I felt very proud of every single Romanian part of this project. It is incredible to have such a collection of people, just a few of so many others I am sure, that can prove to the world who Romanians are, what they do, what they aspire to and what they miss from home.


We should have another exhibition about Romanians living in the rest of the UK, not just in London, because it’s a damn good way to show what we are made of. Apologies, I must have got carried away. The stories we have to tell are incredible, and I hope that one day I will bring my own contribution to this list.


As you scroll down, discovering one story after another, you will probably be surprised to see Romanians that have lived in London for over 40 years; others that are very successful CEOs – such us Sir George Iacobescu, CEO Canary Wharf Group; others have a career in fashion, design and art; while others work in marketing and advertising industry. You will also meet electricians, musicians, IT developers, hoteliers, and many more.


I wonder why Channel 4 or any other media is not looking to show the other side of being a Romanian in the UK. The side that is more often seen by the British people who meet Romanians, and not by the British people who watch TV.


To view the whole collection of portraits, please click here.



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