Parsnip and quince soup

Quince are very popular in Eastern European dishes. You can buy them at the market starting in November, right through to January or February. We used to buy quite a lot and keep them on window sills, above the radiators, and in plenty of natural light. As you can see, they store very well, being a very good winter companion.


This parsnip and quince soup is not quite a traditional Romanian dish. We like our soups to be clear, often sour like a borsch, or sweet with noodles and chicken. The thick, creamy vegetable soups are a new addition to my culinary repertoire, and I love them. However, I always bring a bit of the ‘taste from home’ to my cooking.




1kg parsnips, sliced in wedges

1 quince + 1 for serving, sliced in wedges

200ml vegetable stock

150ml cream

50 butter




Roast the parsnip and 1 quince in the oven, at 200C for 25min, or until slightly caramelised. The kitchen should smell divine at this stage.


Melt the butter in a deep pan, and transfer the roasted vegetables. Add the vegetable stock and simmer for 10 minutes. Is the water is absorbed and you’d like the soup to be thinner, add more water. Transfer to a food processor and blitz  until smooth. Add the cream to you liking, season with salt and pepper.


For serving, slice the other quince and slightly fry on both sides in a bit of butter. It needs to be a bit soft. but not like a mash. Add on top of the soup, and serve hot.