Mini Crescent Rolls with Turkish Delight or Dates, Orange Zest, Rose Petals

Each of these little crescent rolls is a seductive little mouthful of an exotic middle east. They are very aromatic, light, gooey in the middle, and slightly addictive. I always make a little more than I should, because I like to eat them warm, straight off the tray, without being able to stop after the first two or three.


I like to use different fillings, and shuffle the crescent rolls after baking, so that you can’t tell which is which. The whole thing turns into a kind of treasure hunt, where you eat one after another, only in search of your favourite flavour. At least  this is what happens to me.


For this recipe, I’m using dates and Turkish delight – a great way to use the left over dried fruits and confectionery after Christmas and New Year’s Eve.



250g plain flour

100g cold butter

40g full fat greek yoghurt

20g milk

5g dried yeast

2 egg yolks

1 tbsp caster sugar

75g icing sugar for dusting

Zest of 1 orange

Rose petals




First make the dough – rub the cold butter into the flour until it looks like breadcrumbs. Add the yoghurt, milk, yeast, egg yolks and caster sugar. Mix them well until everything comes together in a firm dough, but work quickly so that the butter doesn’t melt. Leave in the fridge to rest for 1 hour.


Prepare the filling: in the meantime, cut the dates in half depending on their size and set aside. Do the same with the Turkish delight.


Make the mini crescent rolls: roll the dough on a floured surface to 2-3 cm thickness. Take a 30cm diameter round plate, turn it upside down on the dough and cut around it. Then divide it into 8 triangles: first into 2 halves, then each half in two, then each quarter in two.


Take a little date and place it right at the wider end of one of the triangles. Then roll to the centre, and set on a baking tray. It should look like a croissant. Do the same with the rest of the triangles. Then bring all the left over dough together and roll again. Repeat the action until you use the whole quantity.


Bake in the oven, at 180C for 40 min or until golden brown. Leave to cool on a cooling rack.


Serve: When they are completely cool, roll in icing sugar, then sprinkle the orange zest and rose petals.

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