Coffee sherbet

Sherbet romanescThis is a coffee sherbet – traditional to Romania, but definitely a Turkish dessert. A sherbet is meant to be served by the teaspoon with a glass of ice-cold water, being a traditional way to welcome guests when they stop by.


There are many sherbets back home – the rosepetal one is the most famous, but we can make fruit, chocolate, caramel or coffee sherbets, too. They are incredibly sweet, and resemble a mix between marshmallow and fudge, and no, it’s not fizzy 🙂


In Romania, we prepare coffee the Turkish way, in an ibric – a copper pot. We bring the water to the boil, add the coffee, and simmer gently. We skim the coffee – this thin layer of coffee foam is called ‘caimac’. We skim the caimac and put it in the cups. Then set the ibric aside, add a few drops of cold water (that are meant to help the ground coffee settle on the bottom of the pan), then pour over the caimac in the cups.


For something a little different, we boil the coffee with 1 pod of cardamon. If you can, try and buy coffee from a shop that takes part in the campaign this week, you’ll find them on their website